I swear the universe works in mysterious, and infuriating ways. There must be some sort of cosmic rule that dictates whenever one comes close to finishing something really big, a catastrophe must occur at the very last moment. Icarus has had a catastrophe. It happened two days ago. I had finished it at last, well nearly- I had to bind off - and I had just run out of yarn. The last edging row was worked in the new yarn that the shop keeper at Noe Knit assured me was a perfect match/compliment and wouldn't at all be 'too much'. well, it was definitely much 'too much' it was hideous and bright, and after beginning the bind off I decided to take it out. At which point the new yarn clung desperately to the old, and refused to budge. More tugging resulted in a tangled knot that needed to be cut out. What I wanted to do most at that point was shove the whole thing into a corner and give up knitting entirely, but instead I have been painstakingly threading a guide thread through the 570+ lace stitches several rows back in advance of taking the shawl off its needles and cutting out the naughty new yarn. Stupid sticky mohair. Its taken me hours to do this, but I think that I'm nearly ready to put it back on its needles, hopefully with all stitches intact. I'm crossing my fingers that i will be able to finish this in truth as soon as the new ball gets here....I can't believe I have to order a ball of yarn for 1 row and a bind off. Somebody somewhere in the universe has something against Icarus.


phoeberae said...

How infuriating! Why don't you have some knitting love on Blu's Cable jacket... Can't wait to see it complete. Sounds like the nasty yarn fairy has giving you greif, don't let her beat you. You'll feel amazing once your shawl is complete. I'm now inspired to finish my bolero that I haven't touched since I stuffed up the front side.

shopgirl said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the bind off row contrast was not good! Pulling mohair is beastly! Good luck with that next ball!