Beating back the cold

Blu and Peter have been sniffling and coughing for days. .. Going through tissues like we are burning bills. In an effort to stave of the cold myself I'm making stock tonight, for soup tomorrow. There are few things, IMHO, as wonderful and diverse as fresh stock. It takes any flavor you throw at it, builds it up, blends it in and turns into something both warming and soothing. And how many things it becomes! Soups, stews, the basis for poaching and pasta, sauces and seasoning. I often make stock with an asian twist with ginger, soy and star anise. Today it was traditional, onions carrots, thyme and sage; a twist off of a pheasant recipe from Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries, my new infatuation. The bird is stove browned and then braised/roasted with dry vermouth and sage with a couple of potatoes. Surprisingly tasty for chicken, and it will make great stock. I highly reccomend the book, I can't stop reading it like a novel, and am making lists in order to make as much as possible from it. We bought it for Anai for Christmas, but at the point that I was feverishly typing up recipes Peter gifted me with my own copy.

If all goes according to plan the cold shall be vanquished, just in time for Saturday's dinner. It will be a treat for us as I gave Peter the implements for Christmas and we have yet to try them out. I'm making Sukiyaki.

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