being upright

Blu has been making a concerted effort to practice her walking today. Her highest count was 14 steps, with a little snowballing run at the end. I have been desparately trying to get a good video clip of some steps, but everytime she sees the camera she stops. Argh! I swear, I will have video in the near future.

I'm trying to make good on my New Years resolutions this year, at least during January... I think most New Years Resolutions turn out to be January Resolutions don't they? Anyways short duration aside, one of my resolutions was to finish what I've started. This is a big one for me as I'm prone to starting many many things - books, projects, assignments...- and forgetting about them half way, the projects on my sidebar being a good example :-). I'm really trying to make good on this one, no new knitting (or sewing for that matter), until all started knitting is finished. Well, I may cast on a sock but that really doesn't count does it? And I got such pretty yarn for Christmas too!! But I'm determined, I will finish. In that spirit, I've picked up Blu's Cabled Jacket again.

One side, sleeve and pocket seam to go, but I think I might have block it again. You know what? I think it might still fit her, amazing as that is. I'm chalking it up to the stretchy weight of cotton, and not my laziness in matching row gauge.

I also got this in the mail this week:

Ordered from Purlsoho so that I can finally finish the Icarus shawl for my Mother, that is if I can bear to pick it up again. You might ask why I bought two skeins when I only need to knit 2 rows (Yes, Peter that would be you), and the simple answer would be just in case. Honestly, I originally bought this yarn to knit something for Me, so this is just a sort of stash reimbursement....
The pretty fabric sitting underneath the yarn will become pajama pants for me and Blu when the new project ban is lifted, its already washed and ready to go.

And to distract you from my lack of promised video and interesting content, I will send you to Yarn Harlot (if you haven't been already) where you can see the amazing power of knitters en mass. And if you have spare change and feel like being an upright human being, it is IMHO a very worthy cause. When I went to the actual website early in December, I had the strong urge to tell everybody I knew that for Christmas I wanted the approximate value of my gifts donated instead. It was only a momentary urge, otherwise I would have no new yarn, or fabric, or cookbooks....but I still hope to donate something. And I'm not above laying on some guilt and saying you should too.

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