Blu's Cabled Jacket is finished. Can you believe that I did it? If it takes me this long to knit a baby sweater, than I think that Pete's going to have white hair before I finish his!

The Details:
Cabled Jacket from The Baby Knits book by Debbie Bliss.
Yarn: 6 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino purchased on Ebay.
Buttons: Liberty Print, handmade.
Start to Finish: Febuary 05 - January 06.
Notes: Ok, Ignoring the fact that it took me 10 months to sew down some pockets and find some buttons, this was a pretty fast knit. It was fun to knit because it was easy but not mindless due to the seed stitch and the cables.
The yarn was..well, it was so-so. It was disappointing to find that the dye job was incomplete on some of the balls, there are actually 2 or 3 white undyed stitches. They aren't terribly noticable but I feel ripped off because I was assured that this yarn wasn't 'seconds'. I definately won't ever buy yarn from ebay again.
And why is it that Debbie Bliss' patterns are always so odd? Don't get me wrong, the sweater is cute but I'm pretty sure (I dont remember because of course I didn't write it down) that I was knitting this for a 6 mo. old. It fits her perfectly right now, with a bit of room around the middle. She would have been swimming in it at 6 months.

This was the first cabled pattern that I've done, and I found it to be pretty simple to cable without a needle as long as you are not trying to do something else - like hold a baby - at the same time. It bugs me that all the cables twist the same direction. Had I more cabling experience at the outset, I would have twisted the lefthand cables the other direction. But it didn't bother me enough do it again.

I also found the pattern to have way too many button holes, it looks so busy... I think that 5 would have been enough. Oh well, next time. I never did find suitable buttons, these I made from some of my precious Liberty fabric...and when the sweater is too small they are coming off and going on something else, for me. I love them, and after all the knitting they are my favorite part of the sweater. Blu loves them too, she doesn't believe me when I said that they aren't edible. Everytime I put the sweater on her she tries very hard to yank them off and eat them. Maybe she won't wear it after all.

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phoeberae said...

This is adorable. So worth the wait to see it complete. The colour is amazing and the buttons... WOW!