More Effort

Sometimes it takes a little more effort to achieve what usually happens effortlessly.
I'm trying to keep this in mind this week as it has been a bit of an uphill battle, literally.

We have been having such nice weather that we went to the park both yesterday and today. Blu's cold seemed to be improving and we were feeling a bit pent up inside the house. Because I usually take the bus to get to the park on the top of the hill I decided not to take a stroller, but to wrap the baby to my chest instead. In retrospect, I don't think that I will do that again. There is only one bus that does this route because its pretty remote, so we usually spend at least 10 minutes waiting. Its a bit of a gamble. After pulling all the tricks I could think of to keep Blu still while waiting for the bus, it came - going the wrong direction of course. Rather than wait with the fidgety baby for another 15 minutes I started trekking up the hill on foot. This is a really, really long hill - 10 or 11 blocks, up and up and up....

I stripped off my coat about half way up. The diaper bag was getting pretty heavy by then too, so I slung it along my chest. Now I felt like a pack mule, or a bag lady, baby strapped to my front and bag across my back huffing and puffing up the hill. .We got some odd looks...but Blu didn't notice, she fell asleep shortly thereafter.

The view from about 3/4 of the way up nearly makes up for the sweaty hike.

The bus passed us at that point.

We had lunch at the top, and played awhile but it was very windy and Blu was very irritable after only having a 20 minute nap, so we came home pretty soon - by bus this time. We must have looked a mess on the way home, Blu had lost a sock somewhere along the way and was shrieking at having to be carried for so long ( I usually can't rewrap her once we are out becuase the wrap trails on the ground) and I was a bit frazzled and tired from the climb.
The moral of this story? Mama should always take a stroller, and try to be prepared for the unexpected.

Today Peter drove us to the park, and everyone was very happy.

The End.


phoeberae said...

What a tiring day, but the view was great. You live in one of the cities in my list of must-visit places... some day! sigh

Heather Bea said...

I miss those fews so much, although we lived in the east bay so our views were from the other directions. I loved walking around the city when I worked there, although that was pre-kid days. The last time we went to visit we went sans stroller thinking our two year old was fine for walking, but we forgot just how far you usually walk when you are there. She was dead tired about half way through our trip and we took turns carrying her around.