Starting Anew

A new year is born.
After a holiday week of frigid temperatures and rain while visiting family, Jan 1st was warm and sunny, a beautiful start to the year. We spent most of the day trying to travel home, and are now happily back in the city - although I must admit that I did not miss all of the sirens. Sadly the journey proved too much for my poor finch, who died last night, the strain of a week spent in a small cage and car travel without food or water was too much for him. I'm terribly sad, he was the last of 4 that I had for 6 years now, and its very quiet around here without his little chrips. Hopefully we get another soon.

Aside from that low note, our holidays were great. We did our usual Christmas Eve and morning with his family, Christmas dinner with mine. Of course, both sets of Grandparents were very happy to see Blu-chan - they even let us parents sneak away to a movie, our second in a year! I don't think that Blu knew quite what to do with all of her presents, but she really liked the wrapping paper! Luckily she had lots of help:

I was a very delinquint Christmas crafter, and though I spent many naptimes working, did not manage to finish ANY gifts. Actually that's not true, I finished a batch of limoncello for our parents, but then Peter broke his parent's bottle on the way up. I'm midway through a second glove for Cris, and I sort of gave him the first - but I took it back to match the second. So several 'Christmas' gifts are now going to be birthday gifts, but really the recipients (the babies) won't know the difference. I suppose that if I want to make gifts for the holidays, I need to start in January don't I?

After Christmas we had several days of just lazing around.
Then we had a birthday party.

Blu turned 1 on Friday! Happy Birthday Blu-chan!
I made cupcakes:

They all disappeared.

Blu was shown proper candle blowing etiquitte by her cousin. Next year she will do it herself, I'm sure.

She didn't like the meringue icing, but ate the chocolate part with relish (I made mini cupcakes for the girls, I ate the big one in the picture) . Afterwards she opened some more gifts and played alot with her cousin while the adults drank champagne and ate tea sandwiches. Someone managed to get a rare mother-daughter photo of Anai, who hates to be photographed. Sorry Anai, I couldn't resist - its such a lovely photo!

Here is the Birthday girl all tired out from her party:

I was trying to remember how I felt this time last year, just before and after giving birth to Blu. For the first several months after she was born I felt strongly affected by birthing process. I fully intended to write her birth story down at that time so that I wouldn't forget, but naturally I didn't - I was a little busy at the time. Now, the experience of having Blu has ecllipsed the experience of giving birth to her, and the memory has faded somewhat. I still think about it, but am unable to really remember the intensity that went along with it. However, the moment Blu raised her head from my stomach and looked at me for the first time is still very clear, I hope that it will not fade. I might still write her story down, but mainly so that its around at the point that she asks me about it.

The next day (the 30th), Blu - who seems to be a very punctual child, as she first sat up and cut her first tooth at exactly 6 months, and crawled at 7 - took her first walk. We had seen little 1 or 2 steps here and there, but I understand that this was more than that. I was asleep, and woke to a chorus of 'walking, walking'. But I missed it. Whatever it was she had enough, and went back to crawling, although there have been some occasional steps. She just can't seem to get the left foot up. Dancing though, we see plenty of - I'm still trying to get a good video to post, because her dancing is hilarious!

New Years was quiet, a glass of champagne at midnight following a video, but very nice.

and Blu came back with a cold, probably because she spent so much time napping outside.

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Heather Bea said...

Happy Birthday to Blu! I love the picture of her passed out on the floor, she is such a party animal.