Tourists at home - Pt 2

This post has been simmering for a couple days... our tourist adventures have continued; this time with the camera.

Wednesday we went to the Park, with a capital P. Golden Gate Park has to be the best place to go for a walk with a baby, if only it wasn't so far! It took us 2 trains to get there, one of which broke down, but we stayed all day. First stop was the Botanical Gardens, where Blu got out and practiced her walking while we had lunch. The gardens are one of my favorite places in the city, and I can remember going with my Mom when I was very small as well. Its free to all and open everyday, its dog free which is a nice change but you have to beat back the squirrels with a stick; they have been fed too much.

Peter told me that the Botanical Gardens remind him of the ones in Melbourne, maybe thats because they have a native plants of Australia and New Zealand section..

Initially, having never seen a squirrel before Blu was rather curious..likewise the squirrels felt positive that we had something for them too eat and fearlessly ventured close. But after one jumped up on the bench at the spot where Blu was hanging over the back, a squirrels approach caused her to shriek in terror so we had to move on.

Close by is the new De Young museum, and the future Academy of Sciences (which by the way is going to be awesome!!). Some people really don't like the new building as it is very modern, but I think its kind of cool. Its made of copper, and so will weather organically as it is exposed over time to the elements. Already some parts are beginning to turn green. Plus (and this I admit is pretty geekish) it reminds me of the pyramids levels in Mario Bros. 3 for Super Nintendo...because its kind of megalithic and has palm trees...anyways, it makes me smile.

I was planning just to have a cup of tea at the cafe and read, but Blu fell asleep and a load table of corporate types scared me away. So I wandered through the museum for 30 minutes or so and caught some of the highlights. Its in between exhibits so there wasn't too much to linger on.

We ended up at the Conservatory of Flowers.

Its a gigantic hothouse, they have tropical plants from all over the world, a butterfly room where you can stand surrounded by hundreds of butterflys and even an orchid room specializing in high elevation orchids from the Andes Mountains. Even better, its like 85 degrees year round. I didn't go inside, Blu was still napping and I didn't feel like tackling any more stairs but its a really really nice place to visit. Just sayin..

So ends our second day of touring our city. At home that evening, Blu was so worn out she went to bed at 7! I followed soon after....

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