Tourists at home

Blu and I have been playing tourists this week, our last week of winter vacation before school starts on Wednesday. I've been trying to head further afield than neighborhood for things to do so we have been very busy. San Francisco has a reputation for being a very kid unfriendly town, and while I have certainly experienced this, this week I found that it is possible to find things to do with children that don't involve sitting in the park or lots of money.

Blu was a surprisingly complacent traveller, a godsend because at times we spent 45minutes on trains or waiting. I discovered that as long as I gave her snacks she would sit in her stroller much longer than I would have expected.

Our first outing was Tuesday, we hiked up the hill to the Randall Museum. I had heard about this from another Mom of a one year old as a good place to take toddlers. Aside from the massive hill - it would be really convienent to have a car for this one - it was. Situated above the Castro the Randall Museum is a hands on natural history center. It does classes on weekends and for school groups in art and ceramics and has a toddler rooms and rotating exhibits. The current one was on honey bees. There were gigantic models of bees flapping wings, protecting the nest, larvae - these were a bit freaky like 4 foot white slug plushes - and interactive hives and bee dances... Blu loved it and spent a long time flapping the bee's wings up and down. What a great place, and the best part? Its free.

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