make way for spring

I think we've had enough of Winter. Its a month early, and there is rain coming this week, but little by little Spring is showing itself in our house. This morning it prompted Blu and I to embark on a crusade against the accumulating toy debris, put away the well used and bring out some 'new'. I saw it later when writing my grocery list for tonight, realizing that all the recipes I had chosen were definately 'Spring-ish' ones - with flavors of lime, honey and tyme and not a stew in sight. I think it must have started last week, when after waiting for at least a month the first rhubarb appeared in the market...

I adore rhubarb. It is my second favorite fruit (after pomegranates) and I have wonderful memories of my mother stewing it with strawberries and honey for me when I was young. Its clean tartness promotes a feeling of 'Spring' that few other things can match. I bought all I could and yesterday it realized itself in the form of a Rhubarb Grunt (from How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson) - a grunt being a variety of quintessential American baked fruit dessert similar to a cobbler or crisp.

We ate it for breakfast, Blu had it for lunch, and then finished it for dessert in the evening with cream. I hope tonight there is more available at the store...so I can do it again. Even if it is still February, rhubarb makes it Spring for me!


a little bit of inspiration

Seen the pictures on flickr of the Tokyo International Quilt show?? All I can say is...wow and more wow. Check them out here if you haven't had the chance.




Submitted to Whipup : Whiplash catagory #1 - Creative use of normal household waste.
Used: recycled sheet, thread

I really like the idea of smocks. For its history, as a garment that functionally protects ones 'real' clothes, and for its extreme cuteness. I read once, although I can't remember where, that a typical wardrobe for girl before the 20th century consisted of one regular pair of clothes, one set for church and several smocks for everyday wear. I suppose that as the cost of clothing has dropped exponentially over the years, and as so many of us have so much of it, smocks no longer serve the purpose that they once did. But still, they are really cute... and as babies seem allergic to bibs they are the perfect food fight foil. Plus they have the added bonus of showing that in fact, yes - your baby is a girl, even though she may not be covered in pink or have enough hair to be self evident.

Inspired by Amanda's fabulous gnome smock, and these two from craftbooks:

I made this:

The fabric is from a thrifted sheet, which I like because its reversible.

Its so funny how these things are sewn, inside out and backwards - all pieces together until it looks like a jumbled mess, but then you turn it out through a little hole, and ta da! its all finished. Amazing. I wonder is it just the Japanese patterns that are like that, or Western patterns too (I haven't sewn any yet...)?

Anyways it fits her - with room to grow....

and since it only took 3 naps and 1 after-bedtime to cut and sew I think that we will be making some more...


Is it really Friday?

No, its not....but when thinking of this post I thought it was. Its Thursday, and I'm surfacing for air and a quick look around.

The new semester has struck and Blu and I are back to our commute.... and I have noticed that the closer I get to finishing my degrees, the more distant I feel from the end result. After doing this for so long it will be very strange to actually finish, but thats still ages away.

For now, the classes I'm taking this semester are very wordy...and I'm taking my first Japanese class since Blu was born. I'm behind, as I expected, but was pleased to note that I could still understand my Sensei just fine...I might actually do alright.

Here's where I've been this week:
  • Remembering how to read
  • Learning that Aragon was not just from LOTR
  • Spending alot of time looking at fonts...
  • Finding a really good recipe for Teriyaki Chicken...
  • Drooling over this
  • Trying to do a little yoga (Blu likes to do Downward facing dog with me!)
I haven't lost my resolutions with the loss of my vacation, in fact they have been reaffirmed. Blu's jacket was just the beginning! Several hours were spent trying to re-string stitches on the Icarus shawl...I didnt' make much progress though...there are 570 stitches. I also cast on another green sock like this one. There was a resolution for no new projects I know, but socks don't count right??

I've also taught myself how to crochet with the help of this book,

and some tips from my Mother.
My Mother always crocheted, not anything in particular, just little squares on occassion or things for my toys. But she recently taught herself to knit, and since I've always knitted and never understood crochet we are trading tips. Its fun. This book? Very fun. Here is some more: