Is it really Friday?

No, its not....but when thinking of this post I thought it was. Its Thursday, and I'm surfacing for air and a quick look around.

The new semester has struck and Blu and I are back to our commute.... and I have noticed that the closer I get to finishing my degrees, the more distant I feel from the end result. After doing this for so long it will be very strange to actually finish, but thats still ages away.

For now, the classes I'm taking this semester are very wordy...and I'm taking my first Japanese class since Blu was born. I'm behind, as I expected, but was pleased to note that I could still understand my Sensei just fine...I might actually do alright.

Here's where I've been this week:
  • Remembering how to read
  • Learning that Aragon was not just from LOTR
  • Spending alot of time looking at fonts...
  • Finding a really good recipe for Teriyaki Chicken...
  • Drooling over this
  • Trying to do a little yoga (Blu likes to do Downward facing dog with me!)
I haven't lost my resolutions with the loss of my vacation, in fact they have been reaffirmed. Blu's jacket was just the beginning! Several hours were spent trying to re-string stitches on the Icarus shawl...I didnt' make much progress though...there are 570 stitches. I also cast on another green sock like this one. There was a resolution for no new projects I know, but socks don't count right??

I've also taught myself how to crochet with the help of this book,

and some tips from my Mother.
My Mother always crocheted, not anything in particular, just little squares on occassion or things for my toys. But she recently taught herself to knit, and since I've always knitted and never understood crochet we are trading tips. Its fun. This book? Very fun. Here is some more:

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