make way for spring

I think we've had enough of Winter. Its a month early, and there is rain coming this week, but little by little Spring is showing itself in our house. This morning it prompted Blu and I to embark on a crusade against the accumulating toy debris, put away the well used and bring out some 'new'. I saw it later when writing my grocery list for tonight, realizing that all the recipes I had chosen were definately 'Spring-ish' ones - with flavors of lime, honey and tyme and not a stew in sight. I think it must have started last week, when after waiting for at least a month the first rhubarb appeared in the market...

I adore rhubarb. It is my second favorite fruit (after pomegranates) and I have wonderful memories of my mother stewing it with strawberries and honey for me when I was young. Its clean tartness promotes a feeling of 'Spring' that few other things can match. I bought all I could and yesterday it realized itself in the form of a Rhubarb Grunt (from How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson) - a grunt being a variety of quintessential American baked fruit dessert similar to a cobbler or crisp.

We ate it for breakfast, Blu had it for lunch, and then finished it for dessert in the evening with cream. I hope tonight there is more available at the store...so I can do it again. Even if it is still February, rhubarb makes it Spring for me!

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Mary Jane said...

Grunt! I grew up eating grunt! Thought we were the only family who called it that. And Rhubarb is the best though those little wild blackberries are heaven in high summer!