Life in the sun

Ah bliss! If only the weather were like this year round - I'd be in heaven. But then I'm sure that I would knit less. So maybe not.

I had midterms this week (blech..) and in the aftermath of all that hard core studying my brain kind of frizzled, and well I just haven' t been able to concentrate on anything remotely 'serious' since. The weather hasn't helped. All of this glorious sunshine makes one feel bad for being inside, so Blu and I have spent a lot of time in the park this week.

Perhaps too much, we went to Golden Gate Park yesterday and I was shocked how well she sat in her stroller on the ride over - I should have known better right? She didn't even want to get out and walk while we were there, and she napped for 2 hours while I laid on the grass under the cherry blossom trees and knit. Either she was coming down with something, or it was the heat because I realized after awhile that all of this placid behavior was very un-Blu-like ( does that tell you something about her normally?) and by the time Peter picked us up that afternoon she was looking pretty out of it. The poor babe came down with a fever and had a temperature of 102 the whole evening. That was it though...today she was back to normal,

but her school has a 24 hour fever free policy so we had to skip...a shame right? we went for a walk instead.

The kitchen has been too warm to
cook much, so its been very light meals this week...which is probably a good thing. Dinner tonight was a Vietnamese glass noodle salad with chicken, yesterday we did prawns with garlic with arugula salad. I wish that we had a grill so that we could do more but we have to make do. In a couple of weeks it will be winter again and it won't seem quite so practical

Tomorrow is farmer's market day, and I'm going to get 10 pds of navel oranges (organic for $15 - a great deal)...I only got two oranges last time and they were so sweet and juicy that I've been kicking myself all week.
And aving just discovered that we have like 2 pounds of ginger in the fridge - where does it all come from? - I need to search out some recipes to use it up...any suggestions?

Lastly: Pete's going to kill me for posting this, but he got a hair cut yesterday and its super cute!

It's a nice photo too, you can really see the color of his eyes... sorry sweetie, I just had to. I got a haircut last week, but one of the prerogatives of being the blog owner is that you don't have to share photos of oneself!

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cristina said...

those are mighty fine red boots she has there...:)