little patchworks

I've been planning to try out patchwork for a while now after seeing all the lovely things made on peoples blogs and in craftbooks. Generally patchwork is the provision of quilting, but because I have no need for a quilt (I have several wonderful ones already), I decided to start out small. So its a pincushion....with 1 cm squares. Cute, ne? There is something very soothing about putting together all of the little bits into one whole, and it doesn't have to be done in one go!
Inspired by a Japanese craftbook, an embroidery one strangely enough, I found the whole concept to be simple enough that maybe I could extend it to other things. Like cushions....we definately need some cushions around here.

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cristina said...

its beautiful. and i spot one of my favorite fabrics in the whole wide world...the light blue-ish green one with the delicate pink flowers.