Spring Socks

I finished my self-striping lime socks! I put them on immediately showed them to Blu, who was not very impressed - and then yanked them off because its too bloody hot out to wear socks! Can you believe it? 79 today...79. Its March. I'd hate to think that we are using up our ration of Summer now....


Lime striped socks:
Yarn: Lorna's Laces sock yarn
Quantity used: 1 1/4 ball (?) - lets call it a bit more than one.
Purchased: Purl Soho, June 2006
Pattern: Knitty's Universal toe up sock pattern - Free!

Notes: They fit wonderfully. The yarn is great; very warm, but not bulky. I was knitting with bamboo dpn's and some times the yarn would split, but it didn't bother me - well not much anyways. There is probably more than 3/4 left on the second skein, so I can make Blu some socks too. I don't know that I'm sold on toe up socks though. Completing the wraps was just annoying, and I didn't pickup the heel in the tightest fashion...there are all these little holes (see picture)! I wonder how I can fix this next time?

It was difficult trying to take a picture of these in action. Someone kept trying to get in the way.


Rebecca said...

love your spring socks. they're so stripey and green, my favorite color.

Strikkelise said...

Love the spring socks! The colours look so fresh together. And that pic with the baby foot is super cute.