A warm pot of fish.....

The blog's unintentional hiccough, due to sunny warm days outside and evenings spent studying ... has not left very much to talk about I'm afraid. We are plodding along. Our days are full. Blu, now that she is very steady on her feet, is bored with mere walking...its now all about the climbing, jumping, dancing and sliding. Our twice daily walks have become searches for the most interesting staircase to climb, the steepest driveway to run down or slide, and for the perfect size rock to hold in a little hand, occasionally licking to keep Mama interested.

It hasn't all been work though. Peter and I had the good fortune to be given some tickets to Sleeping Beauty last week, so Blu had an evening in with her Aunt and we got to feel like adults! Yeah!

Did you know that Japanese cookbooks are just as lovely as Japanese craftbooks?
I picked this one up at Kinokuniya yesterday:

It is on Nabemono, or one pot cooking, with an emphasis on simple 'weekday' meals. Fish, chicken and vegetables in a simple broth - to which rice or noodles can be added afterwards...simple and very fufilling. The pot in the picture is a hitori nabe or nabe for one person; all of the recipies have been sized with the single eater in mind....but its not so hard to extrapolate for two. This morning for lunch I made a pot of hamachi with leeks and spring onions, which I sent to school with Blu over rice. This evening, fish again - salmon this time - with mizune greens and chinese cabbage...and the broth finished off with ramen noodles. It was delicious, but I'm sure that it would be even better if I had as lovely bowls as these:

Isn't it fabulous?

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